What will be your Holiday Party Memory?

Food and fun or a backed up septic tank?

Holiday party memory is fun not septic tank backups

“We have 20 people here for our holiday dinner and now the toilet is making noises when flushed—often described as a burping toilet or bubbling toilet. What does it mean?” The first question we ask, “When was the last time you had your septic tank pumped?”

Avoid Emergency Services for Your Septic System

There’s nothing worse at a large dinner party than the commodes not flushing. Every year at the holidays we get calls from panicked home owners. “We’re all backed up! We can’t flush the toilet, we have 16 people here and 5 are from out of town. How soon can you get here-this is an emergency!” The best way to keep your septic system out of the “emergency room” is to have regular maintenance.

Regular Maintenance Is Necessary

Septic tanks should be pumped out every 3 to 5 years according to the Tennessee Health Department. A regular septic system maintenance schedule keeps the solid waste at a low level which prevents it from running out into the field lines or backing up into the house. If solids get into the drain field this can be very costly which may be a fix or entire replacement. If you are not sure how a septic tank works, read this article.

Call the professionals at Allgood Sewer and Septic Tank Service

Prepare for your holiday parties now by having your septic pumped out by Allgood. Afterall, you want your food and memories to be the outstanding memory about your holiday—not the backed up septic tank.

Allgood has been servicing septic systems in middle Tennessee for over a decade and has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

A few more signs that it is time to pump your septic tank

  • Wet spots in the yard
  • Smell outside or inside
  • Septic tank is backing-up in the house
  • Burping toilet
  • Last septic pumping is unknown or more than 5 years
dinner party fun, no septic tank backup
Call Allgood and make happy memories, not septic nightmares.

Call Allgood today at 615-672-6969 or 615-230-9298.

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