Top 10 tips for Healthy Septic System

When you have a regular maintenance plan and properly care for your septic system, it will help ensure it is effective for years. Below are 10 tips that can be taken to keep your septic system healthy.

Top 10 Tips

1. Pump the septic tank every 3-5 years, depending how heavily the system is used.Top 10 tips for healthy septic tank and system

2. Know the location of your septic tank and drain field, keep information in your records.

3. Do NOT drive vehicles or heavy equipment on septic system, including drain field.

4. Avoid building (patios, porches, driveway, sidewalk, etc) on septic tank and drain field.

5. Flush responsibly! Your toilet is NOT a garbage can, flushing products that should be put into the trash can cause costly problems. Read: Items Never to Flush & The Time Bomb in Your Septic.

6. Use water efficiently. Fix leaky fixtures and install water-conserving fixtures and appliances. Spread laundry loads throughout the week.

7. Regular use of enzyme treatments to replenish beneficial bacteria in the system. Contact ALLGOOD for enzymes.

8. Plant only grass over and near your septic system, trees and shrub roots can cause damage.

9. Avoid excess water from gutters and basement sump pumps, route all water away from the septic system.

10. Reconsider the garbage disposal increased amounts of solids can overwhelm the system. Upgrade to a larger septic tank and pump more often if you consistently use a garbage disposal.

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