Regular Maintenance Savings

regular maintenance is important to prevent field line failure

Regular maintenance helps prevent field line failure

Has it been more than 2 or 3 years since your septic tank was serviced (pumped out)?

You could be causing your entire drainfield to fail and be destroyed. This could translate to multiple inspections, permits and possibly thousands of dollars in repairs! We highly recommend having your septic tank serviced before it is too late.

Call us today if you are experiencing problems or if you just have any questions or concerns.



hot tubs & spas should be drained away from septic tank

Properly drain hot tubs and spas

Allgood advises draining hot tubs/spas away from septic and drain fields.

If you drain the water out of your hot tub or spa for cleaning, be cautious of where the water flows. The chlorine or bromine used to kill germs in the tub may “stun” the beneficial bacteria in your septic system and stop the digestion process.

There is less concern with large bathtubs inside the house, as these do not generally have chlorine added to them for use. Of course be sure and check to make sure it is legal to drain your tub into the yard.


regular maintenance saves money

Regular septic inspections and maintenance from Allgood help protect your investment

Regular inspection and maintenance is important to the health of your septic system to avoid septic tank backups and leach field failure.

The most common failure for septic systems is when they overfill and the septic backs up into the house. This happens when the septic tank itself has not been maintained properly.

Another issue with lack of maintenance is the soil around the leach field (drain field) can become impervious (clogged) to the flow of water. When this happens, the water level in the septic tank increases and plumbing fixtures in the house refuse to drain properly, or drain slowly, & can sewage back up into your home.

Avoid septic and sewage back ups, and schedule your septic system maintenance today. Maintenance is regular pumping every 3 to 5 years.

Rain Water and Ground Water

Excess rain and melting snow can cause your septic tank to fill quickly – contact Allgood for regular inspections and maintenance

This year we’ve received a large amount of snow and rain. Reducing the amount of water going to your septic tank is important to ensuring its long life. Make sure your basement sump pump and roof drains are not piped to the septic system. This puts thousands of extra gallons into the tank. The excess water tends to stir up sludge on the bottom and causes it to flow out to the drain field, where it can cause potential failure.

Rain water and ground water are clean (unless your ground water is polluted), and clean water should be applied to the yard, carefully avoiding the area of the yard that is over the septic tank or leach field (drain field).

Remember your toilet is not a garbage can

Your toilet is not a garbage can

Your toilet is not a garbage can


We are frequently asked, how often should I have the septic tank pumped?

How often do I pump my septic tank?

How often do I pump my septic tank?

To keep your septic system working properly the Tennessee Health Department recommends have your tank pumped every 3-5 years.

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