The Time Bomb in Your Septic Tank

Over the past few months we have been encountering more and more septic tanks that are filled with disposable wipes. The tank is packed so tight and full with a thick layer of wipes that a person could walk across it. Today we have disposable wipes for just about anything you can imagine—baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, personal wipes, wipes for automobiles and even pet wipes.

Disposable Wipes…the time bomb in your septic system

The issue has been gaining more and more media coverage lately as some homeowners have filed lawsuits against disposable wipe manufacturers for thousands of dollars in repairs or even total replacement of an entire septic system due to damage caused by their products. And the issue goes beyond homeowners to municipalities who’ve paid millions of dollars to fix equipment. Some in the media have termed this as “fatberg”.

What does this mean to the homeowner?

If you use wipes, dispose of them in the trash can. Protect your investment, your toilet is NOT a trash can, anything thrown into the toilet can potentially cause a blockage and wreak havoc in your septic tank and the entire system. The reality of disposable wipes that are flushed down the toilet is they plug drain pipes, septic tanks and can cause field line failure. They also seem to be catching and trapping other trash that has been flushed. Another issue caused by flushing disposable wipes is the antibacterial agents, in the wipes, kills the good bacteria needed in your septic tank.

Our experience finds wipes clog the main sewer line between the house and tank. We’ve also found a build up at the point of the sewer line into the septic tank, causing the septic to back up into the house. The buildup of wipes in the septic tank can reduce the amount of liquid that flows into your drain field, and wipes could go into drain field.

Disposable wipes could be the time bomb in your septic tank

You can continue to use wipes but dispose of them in the trash can. Toilet paper is okay to flush. Remember your toilet is not a trash can, dispose of trash properly. Save yourself money and protect your investment.

A regular maintenance plan and proper care of your septic system will make it effective for many years.

Proper Care means taking care of your septic system. Items that should NEVER go into a toilet:
• Clean wipes/baby wipes
• Paper towels
• Toys
• Feminine hygiene products
• Trash

This video courtesy of Ronnie Tamez. This video shows how wipes pile up, do not dissolve and can cause damage to your system by blocking the flow of liquids and they also catch and trap other items flushed.

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