The Septic Nightmare Story

We have lived in our home for 25 years and never had the our tank pumped. Why would someone have their septic tank pumped?

Homeowners who have experienced septic problems know they need to have their septic system serviced just like the other parts of their home. The plumber changes the hot water heater or the HVAC company checks the air conditioning unit. Homeowners do these things so they don’t have bigger problems in the future.

We frequently get calls from homeowners who are having problems flushing the commode, or are getting a smell in their house. These things can happen at some of the worst times, such as, weekends, holidays, date night and family gatherings. Having the septic tank pumped can (and most of the time) does fix this issue for the price of a few hundred dollars.

Regular Maintenance Is Needed

If a septic system has not been serviced on a regular schedule (2 to 3 years) the solid waste can leave the tank and enter the drain lines. All water and waste leaves the house from one main line and enters the septic tank. The solid waste stays in the tank and the liquid runs from the tank to the drain lines. If the solid waste is not removed, by having the septic tank pumped regularly, the solid waste makes its way to the drain lines and can stop the lines from functioning properly. A sign this is happening can be wet spots in the yard, smell outside, or the septic tank  is backing-up in the house.

graphic shows septic tank pumping is needed and illustrates parts of septic system

To fix this the drain lines have to be fixed or replaced. This involves the yard being dug up a small area or a large area, it depends on each situation. The cost of repair or replacement of the drain field can be $3,000 to $10,000. So you don’t want to be the person who has the septic nightmare story. For over a decade good people from Springfield to Gallatin, White House to Hendersonville, Goodlettsville to Joelton, Coopertown to Cottontown, Cross Plains to Castilian Springs have relied on Allgood Sewer and Septic Tank Service to pump their septic systems. Don’t let your septic system be a scary thought, call Allgood today.

Septic nightmare is having new field lines installed because not maintenanced regularly