The Allgood System

Your home’s septic system is frequently forgotten as it is buried and out of sight. However, the moment you have issues you realize the importance and financial value of regular maintenance. We partner with you to protect a valuable asset in your home.  The Allgood System™ can greatly reduce issues with a septic system. Let’s begin with the basics.

What is a septic system?

What is a septic system explained


Septic System with Pump

If your septic system has a pump and junction box, rest assured, it is not that unusual and works basically the same way as described above.Allgood System explain septic systems and risers


The Allgood System™

With proper installation, a regular maintenance plan and proper care, your septic system will be effective for many years.

How a septic system works with Allgood System risers
What is included with the Allgood System?

Level 1
• Riser on the primary septic tank lid or opening.
• One year of Allgood bacterial treatment.
• One year checkup of your septic tank.

Level 2
• Everything on Level 1 plus:
• Riser on secondary lid or back opening.
• Filter installed in the exit baffle or line.
• Clean out installed in main line from house to tank.

Level 3
• Landscaping riser/risers with covering of your choice.

Benefits of the Allgood System™

Remember a regular maintenance plan and proper care of your septic system will make it effective for many years.

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