Allgood Services for Residential and Commercial Customers

Whether it’s time for septic maintenance or you’re having problems call Allgood. We are licensed by the state of Tennessee as a septic tank pumper and installer. We provide professional customer service every step of the way – including consulting, inspection, tank location, septic pumping, field line repairs and explaining what we do when we arrive at your home.


• Septic Tank Pumping
• Tank Repairs
• Cleaning
• Overflow / Field Line Repairs
• Home Inspection Letters
• Drain Fields
• Backhoe Service
• Sewer Pumpsseptic pump open and being pumped
• And more


• Lift stations
• Grease Traps
• Kennels
• And More

What to expect when your septic tank is pumped

The first step in pumping is locating your septic tank and exposing the lid. If you know where your tank is located you can uncover the tank yourself.

Services include pumping septic tanks, repairs and more. We also explain what to expect when septic tank pumped

When the tank is open we will look at the liquid level of the tank in relation to the tank’s outlet pipe.

The liquid level should be approximately 12″ from the top of the tank. The liquid level should be below the outlet pipe, if it is not this can indicate a problem with the drainfield.

Next the hose is lowered into the tank and the pumping process begins. The hose is attached to a strong pump on our truck which sucks out the solids and liquids from your septic tank and into the truck.

Our technician will watch for backflow from the septic tank outlet pipe. Significant backflow indicates a drainfield system issue.

We will backflush, if needed, to loosen the sludge in the tank so it can be removed. The pumping is completed and the lid and hole will be covered back up. When the job is completed an invoice is given and payment is received. The customer’s information is put into our database for reminder notifications when the septic tank needs to be pumped for regular maintenance.