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What are bacteria enzymes?

packet & container of septic enzymes from Allgood

Bacteria enzymes, also known as a septic treatment, basically eat the organic waste and solids (grease, fats, toilet paper, etc.) to help the septic tank continue to operate properly. Bacteria can also help counteract the use of bleach, harsh chemicals and anti-bacterial soaps found in many household products.

How does this work?

septic treatment packet (aka bacteria enzyme packet) dissolves in toilet

Drop septic treatment packet (aka bacteria enzyme packet) into the toilet. It will dissolve in the water, package and all.

As the septic tank fills up, it is natural to have a build up, or scum layer, at the top of the tank. The scum layer is made up of grease, fats, and bits of toilet paper and can form solid crust. Over time this layer can back-up your septic line into your house.

The bacteria enzymes eat the solid layer and drop it to the bottom of your tank giving you the most use of your tank between septic tank pumpings.

There are 2 billion bacteria organisms per gram, each packet is a 2 oz packet. There’s 12 packets in the box for a full year treatment. The calendar on the box is helpful to remind you if you have given your septic system it’s monthly treatment.

We offer a year supply. You simply drop one water soluble packet into your commode once a month and flush. Then mark the calendar on the box.

Also important to note

Enzyme treatments do NOT replace regular maintenance of your septic tank. Your septic should be pumped out every 2-3 years. This prevents the sludge on the bottom from building up. If your septic tank is neglected over a long period of time, this sludge layer will continue to build up and potentially cause backups into your house or ruin your field lines.

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