Free Reminder Service

Everyone is busy and time goes by quickly. We understand why it’s hard to remember when you last pumped your septic tank out. Allgood provides a free Reminder Service to help existing customers by taking away the worry of remembering. Once Allgood services the septic system, it is entered into the database.

The Reminder Service Program

Reminder card that Allgood is sending out to remind existing customer's it's time to pump your septic.

We mail a reminder card out to existing customers to remind them it’s time to have the septic tank pumped. Once the customer receives the card they can call and schedule an appointment.

Regular Maintenance

Maintaining your septic system is very important to its efficiency and long life. There are many benefits to a regular maintenance plan, such as preventing inconvenient backups and showing a regular maintenance schedule to a potential buyer.

The Tennessee Health Department recommends septic tanks be pumped every 3-5 years.

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