Field Line Repair

What is a field line repair? A mechanical field line repair does not require a county permit and consists of repairing the existing system. This may be an option in some cases. We look over your situation, assess the possibilities and give you the options. The following is a recent job and the steps explaining

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Don't flush baby wipes

Do Not Flush Wipes or Trash

This issue continues to gain national attention. Do not flush wipes or trash. We’ve talked about this issue before in another article and it is a serious problem that continues to grow. How to stop the problem and save money? It’s not difficult, dispose items properly. Trash goes into the trash, this includes (baby) wipes. Throwing items into

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Spread the Christmas Joy

Mission 615 is helping the underprivileged kids and homeless in Nashville. Operation Christmas is still about 100 back packs shy of their goal. Join us in supporting their mission and goal. You can go online at specify in the comments section OPERATION Christmas. A word from Pastor Eric Mission 615 Mission 615 is geared towards site visitation,

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Allgood donated their work to help HIS Mission

Lending A Helping Hand

Allgood was called out to pump a septic tank in Robertson County, TN. It was a normal day in late July and Tennessee was baking in the sweltering heat (of 2016) with a heat index frequently hitting into 90° or more. Upon arrival Ernie noticed a busy work crew around the property. They were cleaning

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the time bomb in your toilet and septic system

The Time Bomb in Your Septic Tank

Over the past few months we have been encountering more and more septic tanks that are filled with disposable wipes. The tank is packed so tight and full with a thick layer of wipes that a person could walk across it. Today we have disposable wipes for just about anything you can imagine—baby wipes, disinfecting

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