field line repair saved homeowner thousands

Field Line Repair

Allgood examines the job for quote We received a call requesting a quote for field line replacement. The septic tank had been pumped the week before and since then it had become obvious the septic system was not working properly. The caller was comparing quotes from local septic companies. Allgood went out to take a look and…

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Don’t flush wipes or trash

We’ve talked about this issue before in another article and it is a serious problem that continues to gain national attention as the issue grows. How to stop the problem and save money? It’s not difficult, dispose items properly. Trash goes into the trash. Throwing items into the toilet that are NOT meant to be flushed do…

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Operation Christmas, 615

Spread the Christmas Joy

Mission 615 is helping the underprivileged kids and homeless in Nashville. Operation Christmas is still about 100 back packs shy of their goal. Join us in supporting their mission and goal. You can go online at specify in the comments section OPERATION Christmas. A word from Pastor Eric   Mission 615 Mission 615 is geared towards site…

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Allgood lends a helping hand

Lending A Helping Hand

Allgood was called out to pump a septic tank in Robertson County, TN. It was a normal day in late July and Tennessee was baking in the sweltering heat (of 2016) with a heat index frequently hitting into 90° or more. Upon arrival Ernie noticed a busy work crew around the property. They were cleaning…

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Septic pumping in Coopertown TN and Cottontown, TN

We have great customers!

Call us crazy but we love what we do, we meet some awesome people here in middle Tennessee and take pride in offering professional service. We have great customers and do our best to stay on schedule and take our time to answer your questions and explain how your septic system is working, or how…

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Allgood gives top 10 tips for healthy septit system

Top 10 tips for Healthy Septic System

When you have a regular maintenance plan and properly care for your septic system, it will help ensure it is effective for years. Below are 10 tips that can be taken to keep your septic system healthy. Top 10 Tips 1. Pump the septic tank every 2-3 years, depending how heavily the system is used. 2….

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septic alarm going off

Why is the alarm on septic going off?

What should I do? What’s wrong with the septic system? The alarm will go off when there is a high level of liquid in the pump tank. This can be caused by the pump failing, a drain field failure, or an electrical problem.  If you have a power outage and continue to use your plumbing as…

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magical plumbing?

List of items NEVER to go down the drain

There seems to be a perception, by some, that plumbing in your home is magical…where once an item goes down the drain it vanishes, forever, never to be seen again…pure magic. That would be great, but it’s not true. Items that are disposed of down the drain, or in the toilet, take a journey through the…

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how a septic tank works

How does a septic tank work?

The septic tank and septic system are amazing working parts of your home that you rarely think about it or see. There are several different types of septic tanks and systems used today, however we will discuss the most common one, a conventional system. All water goes into the septic tank When you wash your…

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Time bomb in septic system

The Time Bomb in Your Septic Tank

Over the past few months we have been encountering more and more septic tanks that are filled with disposable wipes. The tank is packed so tight and full with a thick layer of wipes that a person could walk across it. Today we have disposable wipes for just about anything you can imagine—baby wipes, disinfecting…

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