Why is the alarm on septic going off?

What should I do? What’s wrong with the septic system?

The alarm will go off when there is a high level of liquid in the pump tank. This can be caused by the pump failing, a drain field failure, or an electrical problem.graphic explaining why alarm goes off on septic system

If you have a power outage and continue to use your plumbing as normal, the water level will rise in the pump tank. When the power comes back on the alarm goes off because the pump was not working during the outage.

A heavy rain, or extended days of rain, can potentially cause the alarm to go off because the ground is saturated. The flow of water is not dissipating as usual.

septic system alarm going off

What do I do?
Call Allgood Sewer and Septic Tank Service to schedule an appointment to have the pump and septic tank checked.

If the alarm goes off, reduce water usage as much as possible with shorter showers, doing dishes and laundry less often until Allgood can come out to diagnosis the issue.