Don’t flush wipes or trash

We’ve talked about this issue before in another article and it is a serious problem that continues to gain national attention as the issue grows. How to stop the problem and save money? It’s not difficult, dispose items properly. Trash goes into the trash.

Throwing items into the toilet that are NOT meant to be flushed do indeed go somewhere–the septic tank. Keeping your septic system healthy includes regular maintenance and knowing what to flush and not to flush.

The below video shows what is happening on a large scale, beyond home septic systems, but it affects everyone.

A regular maintenance plan and proper care of your septic system will make it effective for many years.

Proper Care means taking care of your septic system. Items that should NEVER go into a toilet:
• Clean wipes/baby wipes
• Paper towels
• Toys
• Feminine hygiene products
• Trash

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